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Cash Incentives

Energy efficiency rebates

Gazifère is offering its business customers cash rebates for the replacement or installation of new high energy-efficient appliances. A few simple steps to save energy and lower your natural gas bills. You should be aware that there are also financial assistance programs for adding equipment.

Learn more about our programs in the following guide:


Efficient equipment

Condensing water heater (tankless or storage)

Receive up to $19,500

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Condensing boiler (small and large capacity)

Receive up to $25,000

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Air curtain

Receive up to $8,750

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Support for initiatives

Step 1. Feasibility study

Receive up to $2,500

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Step 2. Custom-made project

Receive $1/m3 of gas saved

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Effective renovation

Effective renovation (wall and roof, windows)

Receive $8 /sq.m of walls and roofs, $30 /sq.m for replaced windows

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Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat

Receive $100

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Receive up to $25,000 or 75% of the project cost

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Steam cooker

Receive $300

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Receive $325

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Deep fryer

Receive $750

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Offered and installed for free

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Hood and generator combo

Receive $3,700 $ + $1.05/cfm*

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Industrial Sector

Steam trap

Steam trap

Receive up to $10,000

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Rebates for adding appliances

Gazifère is also offering its business customers cash rebates for the addition of new natural gas appliances. The amount of the rebate you will receive is calculated based on the anticipated consumption of the new appliance for a period of three years. An appreciable rebate which, in addition to the savings on your energy bills, will contribute to an even faster return on your investment.

Cash Back – Commercial

Examples of cash incentive estimates

Appliances Cash incentive estimate
Condensing boiler $4,750
Water heater $660
Roof unit $2,160
Radiant heating unit $755
Commercial range $1,250
Pizza oven $1,850
Patio heater 40,000 BTU $595
Patio heater 200,000 BTU $2,820

How to participate

Contact one of our representatives at 819 776-7499 for a cash back estimate before adding the new natural gas appliance.

Terms and Conditions

By means of a signed agreement, the customer will have to commit to a minimum annual consumption per year, for a period of three years. The minimum annual consumption will be determined by the actual m3 consumption of the past 12 months, plus the estimated m3 consumption of the newly installed appliance.

For the next three years, on each anniversary installation date of the new appliance, if the actual annual consumption is less than the minimum consumption estimated in the agreement, the customer shall reimburse Gazifère, through the next monthly bill, the amount equivalent to the number of m3 in deficit multiplied by the distribution price at the rate applicable when the agreement was signed.

The cash rebate can be combined with other energy efficiency offers and programs provided by Gazifère.

Does not apply when replacing an appliance. The distribution price is one of the components of the cost of gas that corresponds to the expenses incurred to ensure the distribution of natural gas through Gazifère’s gas network to your business. Distribution price, Rate 1, at the profit margin ratio, effective at the time of signing the contract.