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We are always looking for talented and committed professionals to join our team. Regardless of your field, thanks to your initiative and your talent, as well as our commitment to our employees and our vision, you will find unlimited potential in our organization, which will enable you to make a significant contribution to its success.

If you are looking to build a career in a company focused on growth and innovation that shares its successes with its employees, Gazifère is the place for you.

If you are looking for a career with a company focused on growth and innovation that shares its successes with its employees, Gazifère is an excellent choice for you.

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Your future co-workers

Michel, Safety Advisor

Having spent more than 18 years with our company, Michel takes the time to stop, reflect and get involved so he can offer our employees and our partners the support they need to produce high quality work with full regard for safety in every respect. At Gazifère, safety is more than a value. It is part of everything we do, and remains our highest priority.

Larissa, Customer Service Representative

Whether online or over the phone, our customer service representatives do their work impeccably. Larissa is certainly no exception! When it comes to helping customers, her expertise and passion come across clearly every single day through the professional and knowledgeable way she responds to calls about Gazifère’s services.

Amy, Representative, Customer Contact Center

Does customer service thrill you? We present to you your future colleague; Amy, Customer Service Representative. In addition to providing customer contact center support, Amy is also one of our representatives who handle over 11,000 emails per year to provide answers to questions from our valued customers. We are fortunate to work alongside a person who offers rigorous work and impeccable customer service every day.

Patrice, Performance Standards Inspector

Patrice tirelessly contributes to our company’s commitment to safety. He is on hand at our construction sites, along with our service contractor, ensuring compliance with applicable procedures and codes. He seizes every opportunity for improvement, providing continuous guidance. We are proud to work with people whose every decision is guided by the application of effective and safe work methods!