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Energy solutions

Energy transformation:
we’re committed

Focused on the future, Gazifère is committed to offer the possibility to choose energy solutions to meet all the needs of its customers. While certain resources are dwindling, it is the research and addition of several types of energy that will make it possible to achieve carbon neutrality objectives.

Gazifère, gas distributor since 1959 in the Outaouais region, is therefore diversifying and is currently working on several energy projects to complete the distribution network as we know it.


More environmentally friendly

Energy transformation promotes the creation of an ecosystem focused on the production, distribution and consumption of renewable energy. We are already integrating the most promising renewable options, such as gas from renewable sources (renewable natural gas and clean hydrogen), which present numerous benefits for the environment, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


More sustainable

The development of clean energy projects is a tangible step, one that we are already taking to protect the future and survival of generations to come. Renewable energies which, by definition, come from natural sources that will not run out, are a safe and sustainable solution for everyone.


More local

Energy transformation is an issue that represents a major lever for our region’s economic development and influence, and generates new jobs and incremental property taxes. We are working on spreading the renown of the Outaouais area and making Quebec and Canada leaders in the fight against greenhouse gas, all in an economically viable way.


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