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Benefits of Natural Gas

Unparalleled comfort

Appliances fueled by natural gas will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home, whether its décor is contemporary, classic, Scandinavian or modern. By opting for natural gas, you will be able to heat your entire house instantly and evenly.

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High-performance equipment

Natural gas heating systems offer unparalleled performance. Investing in high-performance equipment helps save both energy and money. Thanks to the cash incentives and our financing options, a whole range of ultra high-performance natural gas appliances are now even more accessible!

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Competitive energy

Natural gas is very cost-effective over time, both in terms of investment and use. Natural gas is approximately 18% less expensive than electricity.

Reliable and convenient

No tank to install or fill because natural gas is piped in underground. You’ll never run out of natural gas. In fact, at current production levels, Canada can supply its consumers for more than 200 years.

Clean and safe

We are committed to distributing natural gas to our customers in an environmentally safe, reliable and responsible manner. Our natural gas distribution system is designed, built and operated in accordance with the highest industry codes and standards.

Safety tips

An ecological alternative: gas from renewable sources

Our customers all get to benefit from an ecological alternative to natural gas with all of its attributes and advantages: gas from renewable sources (GRS). When you heat with natural gas, you can opt to pay part of your consumption at the GRS rate and limit your GHG emissions.

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