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Solar Energy

Solar energy

Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun and is converted into thermal or electrical energy.

Where does solar energy come from?

  • Solar panels capture the sunlight.
  • Electrons are released into a conductive material to create an electric current. An inverter transforms that current into an alternating current.
  • That current is carried through the power grid or is stored in batteries.
  • Stored energy can be used to reduce peak demand or to compensate for power outages.

How is solar energy generated?

Solar photovoltaic (PV)

Solar photovoltaic technology converts sunlight (called photons) into electricity. Solar panels are made of a material called a semi-conductor. When solar energy is absorbed by a semi-conductor, it releases electrons, which generates an electric current. An inverter transforms that electric current into an alternating current. You may have seen solar panels on roofs and in fields, and there’s probably one in your calculator!

Solar thermal

Solar thermal technology captures the sun’s heat to warm the air or water. In a building, a solar collector is placed on the south-facing wall, which receives the most sun, to capture as much heat as possible. Air or water circulates through the solar collector, heats up and is used for the building’s heating requirements.

Concentrated solar power

Concentrated solar power plants use mirrors to capture and concentrate massive amounts of heat coming from the sun. The heat of the sun warms water, which is then used to run a turbine, which in turn produces electrical energy.

Take advantage of solar energy

In 2023, Gazifère went ahead with an energy management pilot project including the installation of 84 solar panels (50kW) on the roof of its building, 24 LFP batteries (120kWh) as well as six 2nd level electric charging stations (66kW).

Today, and in partnership with the Quebec company Sunbird Energy, we offer you the opportunity to equip your company with a self-production and solar energy storage system, all controlled by intelligent energy management software. Thanks to the solar panels, you can enjoy energy from a natural source directly on your roof. By managing your energy consumption, Sunbird Energy’s solution reduces your energy costs and allows commercial customers who have installed electric charging stations to mitigate the consumption peaks caused by these installations.

Combining charging stations, solar panels and batteries means reducing consumption peaks while saving money! Would you like to learn more?

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Did you know?

Combine charging stations and solar panels, and save by redirecting your consumption peaks! Would you like to learn more?


Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is for professionals who want to equip their commercial buildings, professional facilities or offices.

What conditions apply to benefit from the offer to install solar panels?

Everyone is eligible. However, the ideal business configuration is a four-storey building with a minimum surface area of at least 10,000 square feet. You also need to be connected to the power grid.

A minimum of 25 solar panels and 3 batteries are recommended. The exact number is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What is the lifespan of a solar panel?

Chosen panels are guaranteed for 25 years.

Do solar panels work year-round?

Yes, Sunbird Energy panels work year-round thanks to their installation at an angle and higher up.