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Builders and installers

Applying to connect to the system

Submit all of your applications to connect to the natural gas system, as well as your equipment rental requests through our online platform.

HVAC Builders and Installers Forms

A team dedicated to our partners

Our market development team of representatives, technicians and engineers will be pleased to guide you through your project. Thanks to their expertise, you will be well advised from start to finish when it comes to connecting to the natural gas system.

Energy efficiency programs

We offer cash incentives for replacing or installing high energy efficiency equipment. That equipment will save on energy consumption and costs.

Receive up to $25,000

Condensing furnace over 3,000 BTU

Receive up to$500

Condensing water heater

Receive up to$2,500

Feasibility study

Receive up to$8,750

Air curtain

Receive $300

Steam cooker

Receive up to$325


Receive $750

Deep fryer
Receive acash incentive
Support for Initiatives

Other available cash incentives

When you add new appliances, we also offer an incentive that will be calculated based on the appliance’s anticipated consumption over three years.

Condensing boiler


Water heater


Radiant heating unit


Commercial range


Pizza oven


Patio heater 40,000 BTU


Patio heater 200,000 BTU