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My Bill

Understanding my bill

Natural gas is the least expensive source of energy! But even though using natural gas saves you money, it is normal to want to know about the different items listed on your bill. As a distributor, our rates are adjusted four times a year after being approved by the Régie de l’énergie. To better understand your bill, click below:

Understanding what makes up my bill

Paying my bill

You have several options. Through your banking institution (website or app, ATM or teller, or phone), or, given that your time is valuable, through the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan!

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Give yourself a break with the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAPP). Keep receiving your bill by mail or email, and the amount you owe will be debited from your bank account on the due date indicated!

Finding out about the PAPPEnrolling in the PAPP

Credit card

You can pay your bill by Visa or MasterCard through the Paymentus automated phone system. Simply call 1 844 851-5625.

Are you registered with the Customer Portal? If so, you can access Paymentus through the Customer Portal to pay by credit card. Click here to access the Customer Portal or to register.

Customer Portal

Paymentus charges 1.75% of every credit card payment amount. That service fee shows up on your credit card statement.

Budget Billing Plan

The Budget Billing Plan (BBP) helps you manage your budget optimally by spreading your annual cost of natural gas consumption over 12 payments. Your monthly payments are reviewed in April and September to ensure that they reflect any variation in your consumption and in the cost of natural gas.

To sign up, contact our Customer Portal by calling 819 771-8321 or writing to Not signed up? Click here to use our online services to sign up.

Customer Portal

Client area

Customer Portal

Conditions of Natural Gas Service and Tariff

The conditions of service apply to all of our customers, and are approved by the Régie de l’énergie further to public hearings. These set the billing methods, the conditions related to the distribution of natural gas, rates and customers’ rights and responsibilities.

Conditions of Natural Gas Service and Tariff at April 1, 2024 reviewed in May 2024
Previous Conditions of Service and Tariff
Rate adjustment FAQ