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Cash Incentives

Energy efficiency incentives

A whole range of high-performance and energy efficient natural gas appliances are accessible thanks to cash incentives. Investing in these appliances helps you save both energy and money. You should be aware that there are also financial assistance programs for adding equipment.

Learn more about our programs in the following guide:


Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat

$100 cash incentive

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Water Saving Kit

Water Saving Kit

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Efficient equipment

Air exchanger with heat recovery

$400 cash incentive

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Condensing Tankless Water Heater

$500 cash incentive

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High efficiency combined heating system

$850 cash incentive

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Cash incentives for additional applicances

Whether to add to the comfort of your home or to improve its energy efficiency, cash incentives and financing options provided by Gazifère are designed to encourage the addition of new natural gas appliances. You could save a lot of money and get a quick return on your investment by opting for a natural gas heating and air conditioning system.

For Gazifere Clients

Owners whose residence is already supplied with natural gas at the time of the addition of the new natural gas appliance

Cash incentives

Eligible appliances Cash incentives to add new appliances 2 and 8 Cash incentives to rent new appliances 2 and 8 Financing options
available 7
Tankless water heater4 $500 $500
Fireplace3 and 5 $800
Range or BBQ6 $150
High-efficiency furnace3 (96 %) $2,000 $2,000
Power vent water heater4 (min. 50 gal.) $550 $550
Pool heater $1,000


1 For owners whose home is already connected to natural gas when the appliance is installed.
2 Cash incentives are not applicable towards the replacement of appliances already connected to natural gas.
3 If the primary source of energy for heating is not natural gas.
4 If the current source of energy for water heating is not natural gas.

5 The addition of a fireplace must be combined with the addition of at least one more appliance included in the above list, excluding a BBQ and or a second fireplace.
6 The addition of a BBQ must be combined with the addition of at least one more appliance included in the above list, excluding a fireplace and or a second BBQ.

7 Financing options available to add new natural gas appliances.
8 The cash incentives application form and proof of the rental installation will need to be sent to Gazifère.

Note :  it may take Gazifère up to 12 months (after the meter inspection and connection at the address indicated in the application) to review an application for cash incentive eligibility to add an appliance for a «Gazifère customer».


Eligible appliances 24 instalments at 4,99 % 60 instalments at 5,99 %
Tankless water heater
Space heater
Range or BBQ
High-efficiency furnace (96 %)
Power vent water heater (min. 50 gallons)
Pool heater


1 This offer does not apply to appliance replacement or in new building construction.
The purchase contract must be signed with a Gazifère-accredited contractor. Taxes are payable at the time of purchase. Offer subject to approval by the Gazifère Credit Department.
3 This offer can be applied to a maximum amount of $5000.
4 Certain conditions apply.

Cash incentive application form

Send us your duly completed cash incentive application form. Only Gazifère is authorized to confirm whether you are eligible for a cash incentive to add an appliance. You can request confirmation of your eligibility under the program by email to before the work starts.

You can choose to submit an application under the program after the work has started and/or the appliance has been purchased, but you run the risk of having your application denied. We do not guarantee cash incentives for applications submitted after the work has started or the appliance has been purchased.

Please note that the terms and conditions of cash incentive programs may be changed at any time and without notice.