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High Efficiency Combined Heating System

How a High Efficiency Combined Heating System works

In a nutshell, the fan-coil unit recovers the heat released by the hot water produced in the water heater and disseminates it throughout the house, thereby optimizing the use of energy.

The combined hot air system readily integrates the air conditioning, humidification and air filtration functions, as well as continuous ventilation with heat recovery.


  • Ideal for condominiums, townhouses and semi-detached homes.
  • Good heat distribution through rooms given the reliance on ventilation.
  • Combines the tankless water heater and the heating system, thereby taking up less space.
  • Does not require a baseboard or radiator, which allows for greater flexibility in room layouts.

Receive an $850 cash incentive

A high efficiency combined heating system is an all-in-one tankless water heater and fan coil unit for CSA-P.9 certified superior energy efficiency.

This offer is for Rate 2 residential customers (new and current). Pre-admission must be obtained before installation. Once completed, proof of purchase and installation must be provided.

How do I get the subsidy?


I get a quote

List of eligible models


I submit a pre-admission form

To obtain the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, you must submit the pre-admission form to obtain approval ahead to time.

Pre-admission form


I have my system installed by a certified natural gas contractor


I submit my proof of purchase or rental


I receive the cash incentive

If your application is approved and you opt to purchase, you will receive a cheque by mail within eight to ten weeks. If you opted for rental, the cash incentive will be applied to the monthly rental fee for your equipment (lower monthly fee for the duration of your rental contract).

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