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Equipment Rental

A wide range of efficient equipment is available for rental to provide you with heat or hot water. There are numerous benefits that go along with renting a natural gas furnace or water heater!

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No cost for standard installation*

24/7 repair service

Guaranteed maintenance and repair

Rental fees transferable when you move

* unless otherwise stipulated in the rental conditions.

Water heating

Tankless water heater

From $31.99/month

Water heated only as needed
Takes up very little space
30% more efficient than a traditional tank water heater
Unlimited hot water

180-month rental
Eligible for the cash incentive program

Power vent water heater

From $22.99/month

Wall-mounted electric fan
Easy and flexible installation

120-month rental
40, 50, 60 or 75 gallon capacity

Space heating


From $46.95/month

96%-efficient two-stage model
Installation of an Ecobee Elite thermostat with the installation of a new rental

180-month rental
Option of 60,000, 80,000, 100,000 or 120,000 BTU


From $34.99/month

Ideal for small spaces
Restrictions on installation

180-month rental, must be combined with a rented tankless water heater

Protection Plan

The Privilège plan

Do you own your furnace? The Privilège plan covers labour and replacement costs for most defective parts, and includes one furnace cleaning for only $13.74 a month! Other options are available if you would like to include cleaning of your fireplace or central air conditioner:

Terms and Conditions

Why opt for a protection plan?

Peace of mind that comes with a 24/7 repair service.

Equipment is more efficient and safer when cleaned every two years.

Save on unexpected expenses and extend the life of your equipment.

Equipment Maintenance

Have your equipment inspected and maintained by a licensed natural gas contractor as recommended by the manufacturer. You will benefit in several ways:

  • Optimal efficiency, which will reduce your natural gas bill.
  • Safer operation, which will prevent carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Extended life of your equipment.

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To discover all the options available to you, take a tour of this house, which so perfectly illustrates the benefits and comforts you’ll get from natural gas. To learn more about natural pleasures, click on the blue flames above the performing appliances.

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Pool heater

A natural gas pool heater is much more efficient than one using other energy sources. While other pool heaters can take a day to heat the water, ours will raise your pool temperature by 1.5 °C to 2 °C per hour!

Receive $1,000 when you add a pool heater

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Cooking on a natural gas range is a real delight! It takes seconds to reach the desired heat. In case of a power outage, you can light cooking surfaces manually.

Receive $150 when you add a range

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Being directly connected to your home’s natural gas supply, never again will your BBQ run out of fuel. No more need to fill propane tanks!

Receive $150 when you add a BBQ

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Tankless water heater

Compact and highly efficient, a natural gas tankless water heater uses a new technology that enables it to heat water on demand. Never again will you run out of hot water! By eliminating the tank and heating only as much water as you need, you save space and a considerable amount on energy.

Receive $500 when you add a tankless water heater

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A natural gas furnace will quickly heat your entire home to a comfortable temperature. With forced air, it is practically silent and produces no dust. In addition, it is inexpensive and very easy to hook up to a central air conditioner and to an air exchanger.

Receive $2,000 when you add a high efficiency furnace

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Compared to the electric versions, natural gas dryers do their job faster, leaving clothes with fewer wrinkles. You will save not only time, but also money over the life of the appliance.

Indoor fireplace

A natural gas fireplace will add warmth and ambience to your home. Clean and easy to use, you can turn it on or off with a remote or a thermostat. And best of all, in case of a power outage, it turns into an excellent back-up heater.

Receive $800 when you add a fireplace

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Fire pit or outdoor fireplace

No more need to stack or carry logs! A natural gas outdoor fireplace takes a second to light or put out. It’s clean, leaves no ashes, and is easy to install in your backyard.