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5 steps to connecting to the Gazifère system

Choosing natural gas means choosing numerous benefits, such as convenience, savings and energy efficiency, while enjoying the kind of lifestyle you want!

To bring you these benefits, we have to connect your building to the distribution system, which sometimes requires extending the latter. Depending on the amount of work involved, you may have to wait up to 90 days from the day you sign your distribution service contract (step 2) until your natural gas meter is turned on.

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The steps in my energy transition


Let us know you’re interested

To start the process, you have to let Gazifère or an authorized certified natural gas agent (service contractor) know.


Request a connection and service start-up

At this stage, the technical data are reviewed to determine the project’s viability. This will enable us to confirm whether you need to contribute to the cost of the connection. Your representative will get back to you with different scenarios for your consideration.

Unless this has already been taken care of, we will propose the names of certified natural partners to assess your needs and give you a submission regarding the purchase or rental of natural gas appliances. You will then have to sign an agreement with your certified natural gas contractor and a distribution service agreement with Gazifère to start the project.


Connecting your building and installing your appliances

Your request to be connected is forwarded to the natural gas infrastructure construction contractor for the installation of a meter and its connection to the natural gas main line. The construction contractor hired by Gazifère has 30 business days* to connect your building to the system.

Once the connection is done, your contractor will install your high-efficiency appliances. Click here for the list of high-efficiency appliances.


Appliance installation and start-up compliance inspection

Once your meter and the appliances have been installed, a Gazifère technician will inspect them to ensure that the installation meets the industry’s highest safety and other requirements and standards. Once the inspection is done, the technician will start the appliances. This service is free. If you have any questions about using and maintaining your natural gas appliances, do not hesitate to ask the technician.


Enjoy the comfort!

The time has come to make the most of your energy choice and all the conveniences!

Cash incentives for adding appliances when you are being connected!

When planning the installation of your new high-efficiency appliances, find out about all the possibilities associated with natural gas. If you would like to add a natural gas fireplace, range or BBQ, for example, you may be eligible for cash incentives.

Check the list of eligible appliances

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Discover the benefits of natural gas

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