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Smart Thermostat

The benefits of a smart thermostat

Opting for a smart thermostat will help you optimize your energy use. For your convenience and peace of mind, a smart thermostat can be controlled remotely through a mobile app connected to a WiFi network. The smart thermostat learns and adapts to the habits and preferences of the home’s occupants so that it can then modulate the activation of the heating or air conditioning system.

$100 cash incentive

Our residential customers who heat with natural gas are eligible for a cash incentive of up to $100 when they buy and install a smart thermostat. This program is for our residential customers with natural gas central heating who will be purchasing and installing a smart thermostat. The thermostat has to be connected to the central heating appliance, and replace an older model thermostat.

Applying for the incentive


Select your thermostat

Check here for the list of models eligible for Gazifère’s cash incentive

List of Models


I install my new thermostat (or have it installed)


Submit your admission application

Admission form


I receive my credit

If your application is approved, a credit will be added to your Gazifère bill within 30 days.

Tricks and tips

  • To obtain your cash incentive, you’ll need approval of your pre-admission application.
  • Before buying your smart thermostat, make sure it is compatible with your heating / air conditioning system.
  • Gazifère does not sell or install smart thermostats.
  • Your request to participate must be sent to Gazifère within 30 days of the purchase of the thermostat with a supporting invoice.

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