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Air exchanger with heat recovery

The benefits of an air exchanger

An air exchanger with heat recovery (or HRV – heat recovery ventilator) is a more efficient and economical way of ventilating hermetically sealed homes, and provides a fresh, healthy and pleasant indoor environment. This technology transfers the heat from exhaust air to incoming air without any contact between the two. By conserving the energy used for heating, you can save a lot of energy.

$400 cash incentive

This cash incentive program is for you if your home runs on natural gas (rate 2), you have a natural gas central heating system and your current air exchanger does not have a heat recovery system. You are not eligible to this program if you don’t already own an air exchanger.

How do I get the subsidy?


I get a quote

Contact Gazifère or a certified natural gas contractor for a quote for installing an air exchanger with heat recovery.


I submit a pre-admission form

To obtain the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, you must submit the pre-admission form to obtain approval ahead to time.

Pre-admission form


I have my system installed by a certified natural gas contractor


I submit my proof of purchase or rental


I receive the cash incentive

If your application is approved and you opt to purchase, you will receive a cheque by mail within eight to ten weeks.

Tricks and tips

  • Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) cannot be readily identified by their physical features. However, if your home was built before 2011, the chances are that your air exchanger does not have one.
  • You can get an HRV* from any heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. We propose two that specialize in natural gas appliances (see above).
  • The equipment installed must be approved by the Home Ventilating Institute. For the list of eligible equipment, go to
  • Since 2012, this type of equipment has been required under the Quebec Construction Code.
  • You are not eligible under this program if you do not already have an air exchanger or if your air exchanger already has a heat recovery system.

*The equipment to be installed must be certified by the Home Ventilating Institute. For the list of eligible equipment, go to

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