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Tankless Water Heater

The benefits of a tankless water heater

With a natural gas tankless water heater, you can heat more water, and do it faster. It heats on demand, thereby eliminating the need for a tank, and its useful life is twice as long as that of a tank type water heater. That means substantial savings for you, and an endless supply of hot water for your family.

$500 cash incentive

To encourage you to replace your tank type water heater, we offer a $500 cash incentive or a rebate applicable to your monthly rental fee. You are eligible for this cash incentive if you are one of our residential customers and your current water heater has a tank and runs on natural gas.

How do I get the subsidy?


I get a quote

Contact Gazifère or a certified natural gas contractor for a quote for installing a condensing tankless water heater.


I submit a pre-admission form

To obtain the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, you must submit the pre-admission form to obtain approval ahead to time.

Pre-admission form


I have my system installed by a certified natural gas contractor


I submit my proof of purchase or rental


I receive the cash incentive

If your application is approved and you opt to purchase, you will receive a cheque by mail within eight to ten weeks. If you opted for rental, the cash incentive will be applied to the monthly rental fee for your equipment (lower monthly fee for the duration of your rental contract).

Tricks and tips

  • You can purchase an appliance from any licenced natural gas contractor. Gazifère proposes the two authorized agents that specialize in natural gas appliances indicated above.
  • The conversion of an electric water heater to a natural gas water heater is not eligible under this rebate program.
  • The overall efficiency of tankless water heaters ranges from 91% to 96 %, which will reduce your natural gas consumption.

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