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Charging stations

Charging stations

Businesses, commercial operations, owners and public organizations in the Outaouais who are interested can now avail themselves of a new rental offer for their own use. There is growing demand for EV chargers in Quebec. Check out the financing options for this new type of rental!

With Gazifère, you can get financing for the installation, maintenance and use of an electrical panel throughout the life of the appliance and fixed monthly payments!

Product specifications

  • Each charger is 11 feet high and has two nozzles for a maximum charge of 11.5 kw.
  • The nozzles extend up to 18 feet to accommodate vehicles regardless of which direction they are facing (depending on the length of the vehicle).
  • The charger can be linked to a set of solar panels on the roof of your building to offset the increased energy it uses.

Benefits to you and your customers

Benefits to you:

  • Offer your employees and customers a new service
  • An opportunity for visibility when you advertise directly on the charger
  • Lower your energy bill by adding solar panels (in collaboration with Sunbird Energy)

Benefits to your customers:

  • A new place to charge their vehicles while they shop
  • A charging procedure facilitated by an EV Duty mobile app

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