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Dishwasher Energy Star®

Commercial dishwashers are among the most energy-consuming appliances in a commercial kitchen. There are several types of commercial dishwashers: low or high temperature, undercounter, stand alone or conveyor. Some of the models available on the market are more energy intensive than others.

Gazifère is offering $100 in financial assistance towards the purchase of low temperature and multi-track conveyor (BT-CM) diswashers, and $325 towards the purchase of a high temperature stand alone (HT-ST) Energy Star® certified dishwasher.

You can purchase an ENERGY STAR® dishwasher from a business specializing in the sale of commercial kitchen appliance licensed in natural gas appliance.

Receive up to $325

You can benefit from this program if you own a commercial kitchen that heats its water with natural gas (Rate 1).

How to apply?


Send us your pre-admission application (facultative)

Pre-admission Form


Wait for Gazifère’s approval

Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission application form within 10 working days. Gazifère will process applications on a first come first served basis and depending on the availability of funds.


Organize the installation of your new appliance


Submit your request for participation

You must submit the following documents:

  • the technical specifications for the appliance; and
  • a copy of the confirmation of payment for the appliance (the invoice must have been issued within 12 months prior to the application and must refer to the model of the device installed and contain the date of installation of the device.)

Send your documents by email or by mail:

Calculation of unit savings

Type of dishwasher Gas savings (m3) Electiricity savings (kWh) Water savings (l) Incremental cost Financial assistance Lifespan
Low temperature – built-in 1,880 0 355 881 976 100 15
High temperature – undercounter 198 1,471 23,831 2,987 325 10
High temperature – built-in 1,285 827 154,731 1,468 175 15
High temperature – conveyor, single door 780 2,511 93,944 3,024 300 20
Commercial dishwasher – median 841 1,150 112,299 2,170 240 13