Dishwasher Energy Star – Gazifère

Dishwasher Energy Star

    Identification of the applicant

    This part is to be filled out by the applicant

    Address (where the appliance will be installed)

    At the following address

    Information about the installer

    This part is to be filled out by the business responsible for installing the appliance

    Anticipated installation date (YYYY/MM/DD)*

    Information about the appliance

    This part is to be filled out by the business responsible for installing the appliance

    Please indicate the main energy source for the ENERGY STAR® dishwasher*

    Does the water heater run on natural gas?

    Description of the pre-admission process

    Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission application within 10 business days. If the application is approved, the amount corresponding to your project1 and the period over which it will be earmarked for the project (90 working days2) will be indicated on the form that will be returned to you.

    In the course of the 90 working days determined by Gazifère, you will have to submit the documents required to review your request for participation. Approval of a pre-admission application does not guarantee confirmation of the project’s eligibility under the program because, in order to determine a project’s eligibility, Gazifère must have all those required documents and have reviewed the information provided.

    If Gazifère does not receive the required documents for its review of the request for participation within the 90 working days, the amount earmarked for the project will lapse. If you would still like to proceed, you will have to submit a new pre-admission application.

    Gazifère will process pre-admission applications on a first come first served basis and depending on the availability of funds. Consequently, Gazifère reserves the right to turn down a pre-admission application. If it is turned down, the reason will be indicated on the pre-admission form that is returned to you.

    1. If the proposed project is found eligible for an amount of financial assistance greater than the available budget, Gazifère will earmark the maximum amount available for up to 90 working days.

    2. If the 90 working days go beyond December 31 of that year, approval of the pre-admission application is conditional on continuation of Gazifère’s energy efficiency program in the following year.