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The program

The Innovation subsidy aims to assist customers who would like to try new ways to make more efficient use of natural gas. The program also seeks to explore the potential of certain measures or initiatives that may eventually be commercialized on a larger scale.

Receive up to $25,000 or 75% of the project cost

This subsidy of up to $25,000 or 75% of the project cost enables Gazifère to support research and demonstration project that aim to reduce energy consumption or GHG emissions.

How to participate?


Consult the participant’s guide for the innovation program

To obtain the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, certain eligibility criteria must be met. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these before preparing a pre-admission application.

Participant's Guide


Submit your indication of interest

Gazifère will contact the applicant within 10 business days to discuss the project details.

Indication of interest form


Submit your pre-admission application and the project details

To obtain the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, you will need approval of your pre-admission application prior to implementing the proposed energy efficiency measures. To that end, send us your pre-admission application.

Pre-admission form


Wait for gazifère’s approval and the first financial assistance instalment

Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission application within 10 business days. Gazifère will process those applications on a first come first served basis and depending on the availability of funds.


Organize the project implementation


As required, submit progress reports

Progress reports will have to be provided according to the timeline agreed upon with Gazifère at the start of the project.


Submit your request for participation

You must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the final project report
  • Justification for the eligible expenses incurred

Invoices must have been issued within the 12 months prior to the submission of the request for participation form. The first expenditures must have been incurred after the approval of your pre-admission application.

Gazifère may request additional documents while evaluating the request.

Expenditures for which Gazifère already provides a cash incentive under a separate energy efficiency program will not be approved under this program.

Send your document by email or mail:

ATT : Efficacité énergétique


706, boulevard Gréber Gatineau (Québec) J8V 3P8


Receive the second instalment of the financial assistance

Gazifère will review the request for participation before issuing the second instalment. The information received will be submitted to an external consultant. Gazifère will cover the cost of the review, and the applicant will receive a copy of that review. If additional information is required, the business in charge of the file will be contacted.

The applicant will be informed in writing as to whether the request for financial assistance has been approved or turned down. Payment for the first instalment will then be made by cheque mailed to the address indicated in the request for participation form. Payment for the second instalment will be made in the same way upon receipt of the final project report.