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Steamer Energy Star®

Buying an ENERGY STAR® certified steamer could mean big energy savings because this appliance is better insulated and uses forced convection to provide a more efficient steam distribution system. Several models come equipped with automatic commands to generate steam during the cooking process, reducing energy consumption in the standby mode. These improvements reduce cooking times, heat loss and hot water consumption.

You can purchase a steamer from a business specializing in the sale of commercial kitchen appliances licensed in natural gas appliances.

New program – Receive $300

You can benefit from this program if you own a restaurant that heats its water with natural gas (Rate 1).

To be eligible for this financial assistance, you must purchase an ENERGY STAR ® certified steamer.

How to apply?


Send us your pre-admission application

To obtain the financial assistance offered by Gazifère, you will need approval of your pre-admission application before the appliance is installed.

Pre-admission Form


Wait for Gazifère’s approval

Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission application form within 10 working days. Gazifère will process applications on a first come first served basis and depending on the availability of funds.


Organize the installation of your new appliance


Submit your request for participation

You must submit the following documents:

  • the technical specifications for the appliance; and
  • a copy of the confirmation of payment for the appliance (The invoice must have been issued in the current year. It must show the model and the date the appliance was installed. The date of installation must be later than the date of approval of your pre-admission application.).

Send your documents by email or by mail: