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Steam Trap

Receive up to $10,000

This program is designed to offer industrial customers financial  assistance to help identify defective steam traps. The assistance covers 50% of the cost of the audit conducted, up to a maximum  of $10,000. Rate 4, 5 and 9 customers are eligible. A customer must have a steam trap and must commit to replace, at their own cost, any defective steam trap identified by the audit.

How do I get the grant?


Send us your pre-admission application

To obtain the financial assistance offered by Gazifère, you will need approval of your pre-admission application prior to the audit.

Pre-admission form


Wait for Gazifère’s approval

Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission application within 10 business days. Gazifère will process those applications on a first come first served basis and depending on the availability of funds.


Organize the audit


Submit your request for participation

You must submit the following documents :

  • A copy of the audit identifying the defective steam traps
  • A copy of the invoice for the audit and the documents confirming the completed replacement of the defective steam traps.
  • The invoice must have been issued in the current year. The audit date must be later than the date of approval of your pre-admission application.

Send your documents by e-mail or post: