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Your membership percentage and GRS socialization

In the extent that Gazifère does not voluntarily sell the full volumes of Gas from Renewable Sources (GRS) to meet its obligation under the GRS Regulations in 2024, it is possible that residual costs will be billed to non-voluntary customers through the socialization process in 2026. To avoid socialization of GRS costs in 2026, your entire membership percentage in 2024 must equal a minimum of 24% at year-end when membership months are added up. Please note that the percentage can be changed at any time by notifying Gazifère.

Here’s a grid to help you choose your % based on your membership month.

January 2% July 4%
February 3% August 5%
March 3% September 6%
April 3% October 8%
May 3% November 12%
June 4% December 24%