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Protection plan for your devices

Protection plan

The Privilège plan

Owner of your furnace and your home? In case your furnace breaks down, the PRIVILÈGE plan covers labour and replacement costs for most defective parts and includes one furnace cleaning for only $13.74 per month, for a total of $329.76 over 24 months.

Terms and Conditions

Other coverage options available:

Why choose the PRIVILÈGE plan?

  • For your comfort and peace of mind.
  • Ease of payment as monthly fees are directly included in your natural gas bill.
  • Only one cleaning appointment to book for multiple appliances.

Why should I have my appliances cleaned regularly?

  • To ensure the appliance achieves optimal energy efficiency and therefore reduce your natural gas bill.
  • To ensure the appliance is operating safely. A poorly maintained appliance could be leaking hazardous carbon monoxide (CO).
  • To increase the appliance lifespan.