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Condensing Boiler

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    WORTH CONSIDERING: For a condensing boiler, optimal performance essentially depends on proper installation. In order to achieve high energy efficiency, Gazifère suggests that you talk to a certified natural gas contractor to ensure that the appliance is installed with a heating system where the return water temperature to the boiler is 55 C (131 F) or less.

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    Description of the pre-admission process

    Gazifère will confirm receipt of the application for pre admission form within 10 working days. If your application for preadmission is accepted, the amount of financial assistance corresponding to your project 1 , and the period over which the financial assistance will be guaranteed available for the project (90 working days 2) will be indicated on the form that will be returned to you.

    During the 90 working days set by Gazifère, you will have to submit all of the participation documents required to analyze your application to participate. Please note that acceptance of a pre-admission form does not amount to confirmation of the project’s eligibility under the programs because in order to determine a project’s eligibility, Gazifère must have all of the documents listed as required under that program.

    Please note that this program will end on December 31, 2024 (documents must be submitted by February 28 to obtain financial assistance).

    If Gazifère does not receive the documents required to analyze the application to participate within the 90 working days set by Gazifère, the amount of financial assistance for the project will no longer be guaranteed. In that case, if you wish to proceed, you will have to submit a new pre-admission application.

    Please note that Gazifère will review pre-admission applications in the order in which it receives them, and according to funding availability. As a result, Gazifère reserves the right to deny an application for pre-admission. If your application for pre-admission is denied, you will be given the reason on the form that will be returned to you by Gazifère.

    1. If the project submitted is eligible for funding in excess of the available funding, Gazifère will be sure to retain the maximum amount available for 90 working days.

    2. If the 90 working days extend beyond December 31 of that year, approval of the application for pre-admission will be conditional on the energy efficiency program being offered in the following year.