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Conversion – Fuel oil to natural gas

Does your home’s central heating run on fuel oil?

Switch to natural gas, an energy source that is…

  • More effective
  • Much cheaper than fuel oil
  • Kinder to the environment, you even have the option of signing up for 100% renewable natural gas


Add an air conditioner and/or natural gas pool heater at the time of conversion and benefit from 0%** financing of your appliances for 5 years AND an additional $1,000 cash rebate on the installation of a pool heater.

*Certain conditions apply. Rates are based on a 15-year contract. Natural gas consumption charges are not included.

**This offer is intended exclusively for new Gazifère customers, homeowners whose primary source of energy for heating is currently oil, electricity or propane, who purchase a natural gas central heating appliance. The purchase contract must be signed with an accredited partner of Gazifère. Taxes are payable at the time of purchase. Subject to acceptance by Gazifère’s credit department. Conditions apply.

Gazifère’s gas supply system may already be available to your home or business, or close by. Help us determine your project’s feasibility. First fill out the following form. Then, a Gazifère representative will get in touch with you to explain the next steps required for you to switch to natural gas.

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