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Support for Initiatives

Subsidies for the implementation of measures related to the use of natural gas

The Support for Initiatives program subsidizes the implementation of measures involving the use of natural gas in production processes, high-efficiency equipment not covered by existing Gazifère programs, as well as measures involving the mechanical systems of buildings running on natural gas.

Receive $1/m3 of natural gas saved

Gazifère provides a cash incentive of $1 per m3 of natural gas saved. The cash incentive cannot exceed 40% of the cost of the measure or $75,000*.

* Please note that the program terms and conditions and amounts of financial assistance are subject to change without prior notice.

What do you have to do?


Arrange for a feasibility study or an energy simulation

In the case of an existing building, the measures to be implemented must be recommended in a feasibility study prepared or checked by an engineer who is a member of a professional association. In the case of a new building, the measures must be recommended in connection with an energy simulation.

Consult the Feasibility Study program to find out more about the financial assistance provided by Gazifère for this step.

Feasibility Study program


Consult the program’s guide for participants (new or existing building)

In order to receive the cash incentive, certain eligibility criteria must be met. Be sure to review them carefully before preparing a pre-admission application.

Participant’s guide


Send us your pre-admission application and the summary of the measures to be implemented

In order to receive the cash incentive offered by Gazifère, you must obtain approval of your pre-admission application prior to implementing the energy efficiency measures in question. To do that, you must send us your pre-admission form, as well as a summary of the measures to be implemented.


Obtain Gazifère’s approval

Gazifère will confirm receipt of the pre-admission form within 10 business days. The pre-admission forms are processed on a first come, first served basis, and depending on the availability of funds.


Arrange for the implementation of the energy efficiency measures


Submit your application

Be sure to include the following documents:

  • the copy of the feasibility study, or the simulation files (on CD);
  • in the case of an energy simulation, please provide it on CD;
  • the form with the measures to be implemented (PDF); and
  • the invoice for any newly acquired appliances.

The invoice must indicate an acquisition date as being in the current year, as well as the model of the installed appliance and its installation date. The installation date must be later than the approval of your application for pre-admission.

Send your documents by email or by mail to:


Receive your cash incentive

Gazifère will review your application before approving your cash incentive. As part of its review, Gazifère will submit the information received from you to an external consultant. Gazifère will cover all of the costs associated with the review. You will receive a copy of the final review. In the event of any missing or unsatisfactory information, Gazifère will contact the company in charge of the file for clarifications.

You will be informed in writing whether your application for a cash incentive has been approved or denied, as well as of the amount. A cheque will be mailed to the address indicated on the application form.

Tips and advice

  • The appliances for which Gazifère is already providing a cash incentive under a separate program will not be eligible for this program.